Monday, December 22, 2008


During December Citypulse presents a special exhibition in a 40 square meters screen located at 120 meters of height in the ENTEL Tower [Santiago/Chile]. The screening includes selections of the citypulse collections of video, photography and genetic art.
More than 120 artists of all the continents participate, showing its visions of the cities of the world and portraying their inhabitants in the new collection ‘CITIZEN’.
The exhibition has unique characteristics, not only for the monumental format of public exhibition, but also because it will remain active 24 hours during 24 days, on a continuous basis.
According with estimates based in average flows of pedestrians, the number of visitors is expected to surpass the one million people.

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Guevara said...

Felicidades atrasadas, buen George.
Retomando el camino y prometiendo reactivar la veta creativa en imágenes en movimiento.
Te solicito una audiencia, aunque sea por medios electrónicos, para ver que se puede hacer en este 2009 que inminentemente ya está encima de nosotros.
Un abrazo!
Alfonso Guevara